Should the Bride’s and Groom’s Wedding Bands Match?

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Ring

Ring exchange is an unavoidable tradition in every wedding ceremony. Couples exchange rings after their wedding vows as a symbol of their commitment towards each other. In the past, most couples chose to wear matching wedding bands to show their unity and togetherness. This was a great way to express that you have become one and that you belong to each other.

However, it doesn’t mean that you will certainly have to choose matching rings. Now, many couples prefer to be non-traditional and they go for different bands for both the bride and groom. Having different rings help you to show your personality and character. Also, you don’t have to wear a ring just because your partner loves it.

Selecting different wedding bands enabled the bride and groom to select what they love and what suits them the best. Sometimes, it is possible that what suits you well may not suit your spouse. Therefore, if you select different bands for each other, you won’t have to wear something that does not look good on you.

What to consider when selecting wedding bands?

There are certain things you have to consider when you go for wedding band shopping. A few things you have to be concerned about are listed below.


There are a variety of metal options available for wedding bands including platinum, gold, silver, etc. For men’s wedding bands, there are also some alternative metals that can be used like titanium, cobalt, tungsten etc. When selecting a band you have to consider different things, like, if you have an active lifestyle or work a lot with your hand, selecting a metal that will not be scratched or damaged easily will be good. Also, if you have sensitive skin, then select a metal that is hypoallergenic.


Some people prefer to have diamonds or other gemstones on their rings. A common belief is that these stones are only for women. However, this is entirely wrong. Men can also have diamonds on their ring and this is a trend that is becoming popular now.

If you want a band that matches your bride’s ring, then you can select the same stone for both of your rings. For example, if the bride is selecting a baguette ring that has stones covering the entire circumference of the ring, then the groom can also have a baguette diamond wedding ring that has a single stone in the center.


You can choose a design based on your likes and dislikes. Women usually like sophisticated and delicate designs, whereas men like their bands simple. Hence, choose something you like, even if it does not fit into the standards of society, it doesn’t matter. What matters are your and your loved one’s preferences.

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