Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Engagement Ring For A Destination Proposal

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If you are planning to make a destination proposal, you will have to be careful about carrying the ring with you. If the journey is very long, there is a high chance for the ring to be lost or to suffer damage, if you do not take proper care of it. It is equally important to keep the proposal and the engagement ring a surprise until the last moment. Here are some tips which can help you in your journey with the engagement ring.

Have Proper Planning

You must have a clear-cut plan regarding the purchase of the ring, journey, and the proposal. The ring must be made ready long before you embark on the journey. The making or customization of the ring may sometimes take a long time and hence you should keep a time gap between both. The packing of the ring should also be planned properly beforehand. It is necessary to keep the ring in a cushioned box so that the ring remains safe throughout the journey. It will be wise to keep the packed diamond ring in your handbag rather than keeping it in the luggage bag.

Take Insurance For The Ring

Insuring the ring must be prioritized because you are not sure about what can happen on your journey. Do not postpone this to do it after the proposal. Do it at the time you purchase it so that you can be at peace even when you are on your journey to the proposal destination. The travel insurance policies may not necessarily cover the insurance for the big jewelry items. Hence, make sure that you have an insurance policy, which covers your ring in case it is lost or stolen.

Use A Safe

While you take a room in a hotel, it is wise to put your ring inside a safe. The hotels usually provide safes inside the rooms and near the reception. It will be better to keep your ring in the safe at the reception area because it will be safer here and the whole thing will possibly remain as a surprise to your partner.

Planning a destination proposal is not very easy and it needs time and proper arrangements. Utmost care must be taken while you travel with your engagement ring because it is so valuable in terms of money and of love for your partner. These safety tips, if followed can help you largely in fulfilling your dream proposal at the dream destination.

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