Pros and Cons of Men’s Wedding Band Metals

Baguette Ring

Men like their wedding bands simple, usually a plane band made of some metals. Hence, choosing the right metal for men’s band is very important. There are a lot of choices available for men to choose from, however, each metal has its own pros and cons. So, it is necessary to know about each metal to select one that is right for you.

We list different metals that are commonly used for men’s band along with their pros and cons.


Pros: Gold is the traditional option available among all the metals. It comes in different colors including yellow, white, and rose. Gold with higher karats will have more luster and it will be also tarnish-resistant. Another benefit of gold is that it is easy to resize.

Cons: Usually, white gold will be mixed with another material called rhodium for giving it more durability, hence, rings with white gold will have to be re-plated often. Also, gold is not the best option for those who are into working with their hands in hard conditions, as it can get scratched easily.


Pros: When compared to gold, platinum is stronger and heavier. Another benefit of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic. Also, the white finish of platinum will not tarnish and will last forever. Platinum goes well with a baguette ring that is commonly found on men’s wedding bands. A baguette diamond ring will provide simplicity as well as boldness that men usually desire in their wedding bands.

Cons: Platinum is very expensive. It can cost twice as much as gold.


Pros: It is the hardest natural metal. Titanium is also available in different finishes. It is also tarnish and scratch-resistant, hence, make a better choice for those who work a lot with their hands. As it is lightweight, it will provide more comfort for people wearing it, especially for those who are not used to wearing a ring. Titanium has a lower density when compared to platinum and gold; hence, it is more affordable.

Cons: Titanium rings are difficult to resize.


Pros: This metal is similar to platinum in appearance, but is less costly. Palladium is also harder than platinum and gold, and is also lightweight. It is hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish easily.

Cons: Palladium is very rare; therefore, you may not be able to find a lot of options like you can find in gold or platinum. This metal also scratches easily than some other metals on the list.

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