Most Famous Celebrity Baguette Diamond Rings

A baguette diamond cut gets its name from the French word for loaf, baguette. The baguette diamond has a rectangular shape similar to the loaf. It is among the step diamond cuts, with tapered or straight edges.

Many step cut diamonds including baguettes are used in engagement ring and wedding band designs that have an architectural touch. So, it is natural that many celebrities are drawn to the baguette diamond. After all, celebrities are creative people. Here is a list of the most popular celebrity baguette diamond rings.

Grace Kelly

As the most popular film star in 1955, Grace Kelly arrived at the International Film Festival in Cannes as one of the most important guests. From Cannes, she visited Monaco to do a photo session, and there she met Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. As per reports, Rainier III was looking for a wife hailing from America. Whether or not strategically planned, a passionate affair followed their Monaco rendezvous.

The result of the affair was Kelly quitting her career as an actor and assuming the new role, Princess Grace of Monaco.

Monaco life was extremely luxurious, so the engagement ring of Grace Kelly befitted not some regular princess but the Princess of Monaco. It had a 10-carat emerald shaped diamond set above platinum to absorb all the natural light and grab all eyes. Flanking the flawless diamond on the sides were tapered baguette stones for more glitz and glamour. Grace Kelly was so attracted by the ring that she wore it when filming her final movie, ‘High Society’.

Amal Clooney

Many of you might know Amal Clooney as actor George Clooney’s wife, but she has achieved much in life thus far. As an A-list human rights attorney, Amal Clooney has made an important difference in the life of many people across the world. Many felt the man she married, George Clooney, would not be ‘tamed’ by a woman. After dating for six months, the actor chose to propose marriage to the lawyer over a homemade meal. When George told her to light the candle, Amal opened a matchbox where she saw the hidden ring.

Amal was so shocked/bewildered/surprised that she left George Clooney on his knee for almost half-an-hour until she could reply to him.

Perhaps inspired by Grace Kelly’s engagement ring, Amal Clooney’s piece comprises an emerald-shaped center diamond, flanked by tapered baguette diamonds, set in a platinum band. This timeless design has endured through generations, and this is not likely to change soon. After their engagement announcement, Amal got so much attention from the media that she just had to avoid sporting the jewelry piece in public.

Jacqueline Kennedy

In 1953, the then-senator John F. Kennedy popped the question to Jacqueline at a Boston-based restaurant. JFK gave her a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, with an emerald gemstone and diamond. Both gemstones were encircled by tapered baguette-cut diamonds. The halo-set diamond engagement ring had an Art Deco style, and jewelry experts say that the piece will not lose the iconic allure of it.

This emerald and diamond combo is something that every architecture design lover would like to wear on the finger.

Marilyn Monroe

Baseball player Joe DiMaggio, also known as Joltin’ Joe, gave Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe an infinity ring featuring 35 baguette-shaped diamonds. The eternity band was made of the platinum metal.

Joltin’ Joe gave the eternity ring to Marilyn Monroe on the couple’s wedding day, so it was technically the actor’s wedding band. Their union did not last for a long time, but the simplistic and understated elegance of this baguette diamond-set ring is the reason why this style is popular even today.

Kate Hudson

It may be a smaller piece on this particular list, but actor Kate Hudson’s is among our favorite large-yet-not-excessively-big celebrity engagement rings. The lead singer of the ‘Muse’ band Matthew James Bellamy gave it to Hudson. After meeting first at a festival in which the band was performing, the blonde actor moved apart from friends, so Bellamy started to take care of her and protect her. Love blossomed from that point, and an engagement ring ensued.

The ‘Muse’ band frontman selected a beautiful emerald shaped diamond mounted in platinum. Classic and giving off glamour, it is rounded off with many baguette-cut diamonds set at the ring shoulders. We love this ring, plus the not-too-large size means even we would like to wear one such piece.

Elizabeth Taylor

Actor Elizabeth Taylor must be the 21st century’s most influential fashion icon, particularly where jewelry is concerned. The ‘Cleopatra’ movie actor amassed an incredible collection of jewelry throughout her life, including the iconic ‘Taylor-Burton Diamond’. Liz Taylor married seven people, so she knew a lot about the features of a fine engagement ring.

That said, the pieces we have picked for this list is no engagement ring, although it is striking. Five years after her first-time marriage to actor Richard Burton, Liz Taylor got the iconic ‘Krupp Diamond’ from him. It was an Asscher cut center diamond, flanked by two baguette-shaped diamonds, placed in platinum. She wore this ring almost every day.

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