How To Buy A Baguette Diamond Ring?

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Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring

The recent trend is showing that more people are choosing a baguette diamond ring as their engagement ring. This vintage diamond cut is chosen by thousands of people and its popularity is rising all around the world. The baguette diamond has a rectangular shape with step cuts. It has 14 facets and is mostly used as the side stone rather than side pieces.

Baguette cut diamonds may look similar to the emerald cut because both the diamonds have sleek, shiny step facets. However, the emerald cut has angled corners while the baguette cut has squared corners. The baguette cut diamonds have usually a smaller carat weight than other diamond cuts.

Let’s take a look at some of the important things to consider while buying a baguette cut diamond ring.


Baguette cut diamonds do not offer a high level of brilliance than a round cut or oval cut diamond. It has only 14 facets and in some cases 24 facets, which is not enough to create the brilliance as elegant as a round cut diamond.


The baguette diamonds are usually used as the ascent stones or the side stones. Therefore, the clarity and color grades of the baguette diamond you choose should match the grades of the center diamond. Otherwise, there will be a visible color difference that makes the ring less beautiful. Since baguette diamond is step-cut, their imperfections are clearly visible. However, the cuts are usually smaller than other cuts, which makes the imperfections hard to notice at first glance.


There are many ring settings that are perfect for baguette diamonds. The three-stone setting will give your ring vintage bling. Another popular setting for baguette diamonds is the channel setting. When the baguette diamonds are set vertically in the band, they will look like an infinite row of mirrors. The channel setting also allows you to arrange the baguette diamonds alternatively with colored gemstones. Another setting that people usually choose for baguette diamond is the flower setting. The baguette diamonds are arranged around the center stone, which creates a beautiful halo that can be compared to ballet tutu.

Wedding Bands

Not only the engagement rings, but the wedding bands can also have the beauty of baguette cut diamonds. Recently, more couples are looking for baguette diamond rings because of their elegant and vintage look. Expert jewelers recommend buying a wedding band that has a trio of baguette diamonds and a higher carat weight.

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