How Good are Baguette Side Stones with Different Center Diamonds?

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Engagement Ring

We have all seen three stone rings and admired them from varying reasons. Of these, trapezoid side stones are perhaps the most alluring element of the studded ring design. Right now though, let us talk more about tapered baguettes and the definitive style statement they make.

What Exactly is a Baguette Diamond?

For those that need a refresher, baguette diamonds are a lot like emerald cut stones when it comes to the faceting arrangement as well as overall shape, and only differ in the fact that they carry two facet rows instead of one. That makes baguette diamonds technically step-cut, and they also have a linear appearance.

For side stones, trapezoids only work well as long as you have a rectangular or square center stone with clean edges, such as, for example, one cut in the radiant shape. A trapezoid would not look as good with a round diamond shape, because the two simply would not match in the same way or even comparably well. This is why many ring makers work with tapered baguettes, which are actually variations of the rectangular shape, and which achieve a nice visual flow from the middle stone to the ring band.

When to Consider Side Stones of the Baguette Variety

If you are leaning towards a classic design, but thinking a solitaire might just be too simple an outcome, then that is one of the times you should be thinking about getting a baguette setting.

Tapered baguettes go nicely with the overall design of the ring, and do not in any way detract from the middle stone. The best part is that you can have the latter of almost any shape, because tapered baguette side stones are very versatile. If you want overstated symmetry, for instance, you could go in for step-cut baguettes flanking a step-cut center stone, such as in a baguette diamond ring. If you wish to try something else, even a brilliant-cut stone in the center would look amazing with the contrast it achieved with such side stones, by capitalizing on the accentuated shine.

In summary, when picking out tapered or other baguette side stones, you want to keep in mind the shape and size of the center stone. There should also be no obvious differences when it comes to overall quality. For those worrying about how well a baguette engagement ring would go down, there are plenty of designs displayed online and at physical stores to set their minds at ease.

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