Engagement Rings With Baguette Diamond

Baguette Diamond
Baguette Diamond
Baguette Diamond

Baguette diamonds are elongated, thin and rectangular-shaped. Although they come in square shapes, most often, they are long and thin, with their length to width ratio being around 5:1.

The perfectly square corners of the baguette diamonds differentiate them from similar cuts like emerald, where the corners are slightly curved. While traditional diamond cuts have around 50 facets, baguettes have only about 14 facets. Baguette diamonds are mostly used as side stones in wedding or engagement rings.

In this article, we discuss the different engagement ring settings with baguette diamonds.

Three-Stone Baguette Rings

A tapered baguette diamond is perfect in an engagement ring as it adds extra shine to the engagement ring, all the while retaining the center stone as the main attraction.

In a three-stone tapered baguette setting, two baguettes are kept on either side of the center stone drawing more attention to the centerpiece. Emerald cut/round cut diamond can be used as the center stone in the setting.

Channel Set Baguette Rings

Baguette diamonds are perfect as accents for channel set rings, where the small baguette diamonds are set into the metal that leads up to the center stone. Round cut, emerald cut, or any other attractive diamond cuts can be used as the center stone and despite the type of center stone used, the center remains the main attention.

Vintage Baguette Rings

Baguettes are perfect additions to vintage ring settings that are timeless. Using baguettes in rings with many round diamonds will give the ring an altogether different look.

Baguette Eternity Bands

You want the eternity bands to look clean and elegant and a row of straight baguette diamonds can give the exact look you want for your eternity band. In a channel setting, the diamonds placed around the band will be largely hidden, and using expensive and brilliant cuts is not much recommended if you appreciate cost-saving options. Baguettes are cheaper than most diamond cuts and using them in eternity bands is the perfect cost-saving strategy.

Ballerina Rings

If you prefer a diamond ring design that stands out to something subtle, then you may like the ballerina ring setting that features baguette diamonds aligned such that they are radiating out of the center stone.

Baguette diamonds cost less than many other diamond cuts and they are graded on the 4C’s like all diamonds. The price values of baguettes will differ based on the diamond grade they belong to.

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