All You Need To Know About Radiant Cut Diamonds

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Baguette Engagement Rings
Baguette Engagement Rings

The radiant cut is one of the most beautiful cuts with 70 facets endowing it with a dazzling fire and sparkle. It became known for its elegance and simplicity in the short time period after it was invented. It is one of the most preferred diamond cuts used to design engagement and wedding rings. Its shine, unconventional design, and suaveness will make any bride look like a queen.

History Of Radiant Cut

The renowned master diamond cutter, Henry Grossboard, felt the need to develop a design that would bring the long structure of the emerald cut together with the many sharp facets of a round brilliant cut. His ideas and effort, after years of perseverance, gave birth to the radiant cut in 1977.

Although radiant cut makes the diamond look long and rectangular like the emerald cut, it can also have a square like shape similar to cushion cut diamonds. No matter how much they resemble, the sparkle of radiant cut due to its facets will unmistakably stand out differentiating it from cushion cut diamonds.

Celebrities With Radiant Cut Baguette Engagement Rings

Drew Barrymore

For a popular actress who has had a good number of engagement rings, many say her fifth ring is the best. This baguette diamond engagement ring has a four carat radiant cut diamond in the center which is set on a diamond encrusted band.

Jennifer Lopez

The talented singer cum songwriter was proposed with a lovely pink radiant cut baguette ring by her fiance Ben Affleck- which was one of her most gossiped relationships. The baguette diamond engagement ring which weighed 6.1 carats is said to have cost 2.5 million in the early 2000s when they were in a relationship.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian, the fashion icon of the youth, has broken a few hearts and engagements. She has been in an on and off relationship with Lamar Odom. Lamar proposed to the diva with 12.5 carat radiant cut engagement ring.

Megan Fox

It is every girl’s dream to be proposed on the beach, under the moonlight. That’s how Megan Fox said “Yes” to her fiance Brian Austen Greene who put a three carat radiant cut diamond, set in a platinum diamond halo. Her ring came with platinum eternity bands, which is joined together with the other ring.

Despite being new in the group of diamond cuts, the radiant cut has managed to win the hearts of women from all around the world.

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