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Diamonds are undoubtedly among the most attractive objects in the world, and also the best materials used in jewelry. There are several sizes of these available on the market, as well as different shapes, including the emerald cut, round cut, princess cut etc. Many of these are unaffordable to the average buyer, which means many consumers tend to initially try and narrow their purchase options to something their budget can manage to cover.

Baguette diamonds are one of those options which are cheaper compared to other popular shapes. These are also attractive enough to be worn a lot during special occasions. Below is a look at what to expect after you decide a baguette diamond ring is the thing you need.

Baguette Diamonds

The word ‘baguette’ originated from French, and when used to specify a gem cut, alludes to the French loaf shape. The average baguette cut diamond ring is attractive for its characteristic rectangular shape and square corners. The facets in this are step-shaped, and placed parallel to the girdles, which is what gives the credence to the ‘step-cut’ classification.

Baguette diamonds are known for their sparkling clarity. They are different from the other types of diamonds, which are sparkly only as far as to hide the flaws inside the stone. They have exceptional luster and are commonly mounted in place as central diamonds. There are two common shapes in baguette diamonds: tapered and straight.

Straight baguette diamonds are rectangular in appearance, while tapered diamonds peter out towards both the sides, which gives the stone a trapezoidal shape. The latter are preferred for when the central stone needs to look bigger than it is. Straight diamonds are used along with other tapered varieties of cut in order to achieve a unique mix of shapes. Step-cut diamonds also comprise of the Asscher cut and the emerald cut. Those diamonds with corners cut short are referred to as ‘carre’.

Cut and Quality

Baguette-cut diamonds have only 14 facets. Due to this, they lack the brilliance and fire of other main diamond shapes such as the round and emerald. However, they are able to compensate for that deficit with a high degree of clarity. Diamonds fashioned in this cut are ideal for necklaces set in a channel. When it comes to engagement ring designs, these are used as the base in order to accentuate the looks of the central diamond.

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