A Simple Note on Chocolate Diamonds

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Diamonds are usually thought to be colorless or white. However, there are diamonds, which occur naturally in various fancy colors. Some diamonds are available in fancy colors like red, blue, pink, brown, etc. Chocolate diamonds are normal brown diamonds, which in the color spectrum belong to the darkest end.

There is a common misconception that brown diamonds are lab-grown diamonds. However, in reality, brown diamonds are natural diamonds that are formed under the surface of the earth at high temperatures and pressure. This is the reason why they get the brown hue. Since brown diamonds are natural diamonds, chocolate diamonds are also essentially natural diamonds.

People tend to think that most of the natural diamonds mined are in the colorless form. Again, the truth is far from this assumption. Colorless natural diamonds are mined only very rarely. Technically, most of the diamonds mined from under the earth’s surface are colored diamonds.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has introduced a system using which the color of diamonds are graded. It is the system, which is used widely to determine the color grade of a diamond. The color grade for diamonds according to this system ranges from D to Z, in which D denotes colorless, and Z denotes light yellow.

Most of the diamond stones that are mined and are in the market have a tint of yellow and are hence not colorless. Colorless diamonds are very rare and hence very expensive. The fancy colored diamonds, however, are not graded using this scale but using another grading system in which the color intensity of the diamond is graded on a scale from 1 to 9.

It is a fact that the brown diamonds have a color grade past Z, and for this reason, many people consider them as poorly colored stones. It is also a fact that many people like chocolate colored diamonds.

The white diamonds are usually more expensive than colored ones. Colored diamonds are elegant looking and look good on engagement rings. However, if you are planning to buy a colored diamond, you must pay the utmost attention to the clarity of the stone. You can just look into the diamond to know if there are any visible inclusions in the diamond. If there are inclusions, they might reduce the sparkle of the diamond. For a perfect look into the diamond, you may use a jewelry loupe or a microscope available in a jewelry shop. This can help you confirm the presence of inclusions in the diamond.

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