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Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds are considered as very valuable possessions. One has to be very careful while purchasing diamonds because there is a high chance for the customer to be deceived by the fraudulent ones in the market. In the earlier days, diamonds were available only in the physical diamond stores. However, over time, with the advancement in technology, there came many online diamond stores where people can purchase diamonds.

Why Should I Purchase Online?

Many people prefer online purchases of diamonds because it has many advantages over buying diamonds from a physical diamond store. You will be able to purchase from anywhere at any time if you prefer the online purchase of diamonds. Moreover, you can have a wide variety of selection available, from which you will be able to choose the ideal diamond for you. The collection in a physical diamond store will be very less when compared to the collection in an online diamond store.

The most common way for a person to buy diamonds, if not the loose diamonds is to buy diamond engagement rings. However, one must be sure of the type of ring that he/she wants to buy, before going in search of the ideal one. At the same time, the person must make sure that the purchase is being made from a trusted source. There are so many fake diamond dealers over the internet who might deceive the customers if they are not careful and knowledgeable.

As said above if not careful, there are possibilities to be cheated while making an online purchase of diamonds. Hence, here are some steps for you if you are intending to buy your diamonds online. Follow them systematically to ensure a safe and trusted purchase online.

Determine Your Budget For The Purchase

The first step in making an online purchase of diamonds is to set a budget for the purchase. Once you set the budget, you will be able to search for a diamond, which comes within your budget. Your budget will largely determine the kind of diamond you can have. The quality and size of the diamond will be based on the budget you have set apart.

Since there are wide ranges of options available for you in the online diamond stores, you will be able to choose the one, which is affordable to you. In earlier days, people had to spend the income of three months to buy a diamond. However, in the present time, this is not right because there are diamonds available for cheaper prices as well. Nevertheless, the truth remains that diamonds are costly.

Examine The 4c’s

It is important to do this in your diamond purchase online. You need to ensure the quality of the diamond you are purchasing. You need to check for the cut of the diamond, which determines its fire, brilliance, sparkle, etc. The color scale of a diamond ranges from D to Z. The most valuable diamond is the colorless one, which is of D color grade. There are fancy colored diamonds, which are graded based on another color scale.

The clarity of the diamond will speak about the number of inclusions in the stone. The more the inclusions in a diamond the less the clarity grade will be. The value of the diamond will also depend on this clarity grade. Carat weight of the diamond is also important in determining its price.

Select The Setting

The choice of setting is completely upon you. If you are buying loose diamonds online, you can later customize it in a setting, which you want. If you are buying a diamond embedded in a ring setting, you should have a clear idea about the interest of your partner. Get to know her likes and dislikes before you fix a particular setting you want to purchase. This can also be done together with your partner if you do not have any surprise element in your proposal. If it is a surprise for her, it is better to take time and learn her interests before confirming your purchase.

Seek The Help Of Experts

Although it is not very difficult to purchase diamonds online, if you are not a person with previous experience of doing it, you may be little tensed as to if everything will go smoothly or not. In such cases, it will be in your best interest to seek the help of experts in the field of jewelry and diamonds. There are possibilities of chatting with them online or even over the phone, to clarify the doubts you have about the purchase. You may also take the suggestions of your friends who have made such purchases before.

You need to keep in mind that buying and getting diamonds online will take time, unlike a physical store. Therefore, plan in such a way that you will not face the problem of time constrain at the end.

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