A Brief Guide To Baguette Engagement Ring

Baguette Diamond Ring
Baguette Engagement Ring
Baguette Engagement Ring

Baguette engagement rings are very popular these days. These engagement rings feature a rectangular-shaped stone. Baguette-cut diamond rings are a very classy and sophisticated choice. They are very beautiful with contemporary or vintage settings. Most people don’t know about baguette diamond rings but still, they are popular.

The name baguette comes from the lean, long loaves of the French bread. One of the main features of the baguette-cut diamond is that it has a beautiful sparkle even with 14 facets. Due to the similarity in the step cut, many people often confuse baguette-cut diamond and emerald cut diamond. When compared to the emerald cuts, baguette-cut diamonds have a narrow and more elongated shape.

Wearing A Baguette-Cut Diamond Ring?

Instead of using as a center stone, baguette diamonds are often used as an accent or side stones. That is mainly because baguette diamonds are very thin and go well with almost every other diamond cut and do not diminish the beauty of the center stone. One other advantage of baguette-cut diamonds is that they are very cost-efficient.

Many jewelers recommend wearing the baguette-cut diamond on an eternity band. Since the baguette-cut diamond has a narrow and elongated shape, placing the baguette diamond on the eternity band setting makes it look elegant and sophisticated. Finding a solitaire baguette cut diamond in jewelry is difficult but you can custom order it.

Things To Know When You Buy A Baguette Diamond Ring

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning on buying a baguette cut engagement ring. If you are planning on buying an engagement ring with baguette-cut diamonds arranged as the side or accent stone, you need to ensure that both the center stone and side stones have the same color.

If you are buying an engagement ring with a round cut or princess cut as the center stone and baguette-cut diamond as the side stone, you should choose the baguette-cut diamonds that have a higher color grade than the center stone. This is because the princess or round cut diamonds look whiter than the baguette-cut even if they have the same color grade.

The step cut of the baguette diamonds makes the imperfections and the color of the diamond more visible. Since it is smaller than other diamond cuts, the clarity of these stones is not an important factor to consider.

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