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Baguette Diamond Ring Designs
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Baguette cut diamonds are often used on a piece of jewelry as side stones or diamond accents, or occasionally, in a halo engagement ring setting. This is in part since the long shape of a baguette diamond can easily be embedded in a thin metal band, while its small number of facets complements any shape without distracting from the beauty of the center diamond or stone. While bigger baguette diamonds can be centerpieces, no matter how uncommon that is, buyers may need to have a custom set piece made. If you are looking for a baguette ring, check out the following baguette diamond ring designs or settings for inspiration.

Baguettes in a Trinity Setting

Use baguette diamonds to add a touch of bling to your engagement ring by mimicking a vintage three-stone or trinity setting. The tapered baguettes work best for this, though the more angular the centerpiece, the better a straight diamond will look. The Gemological Institute of America recommends baguettes used as side stones “match in length and width”. It is also wise to keep color and clarity grades consistent with those of the center diamond. Differences in color and flaws in clarity may be more noticeable in larger baguette diamonds.

For those looking for an Art Deco design, pair them with other step-faceted diamond cuts such as an emerald or Asscher.

Baguettes in Channel Setting

Baguette cut diamonds may be embedded into a metal band in this type of setting too. When they are set vertically in it, the baguettes will look similar to an infinite row of mirrors, which reflect the brilliance and beauty. They may be alternated with colorful stones for a distinctive channel design too.

Baguettes in a “Ballet” or Flower-Like Setting

When they are set around a center stone, tapered baguette diamonds make for a gorgeous halo, which is compared often to a dainty daisy or ballet tutu. The center stone can be a diamond or other gemstone. This particular design is ideal for brides-to-be who have an appreciation for such artistic splendor. Alternating the stone heights and sizes makes for a dynamic piece of jewelry like no other.

Baguette cut diamonds are a wonderful option for any engagement ring, whether you are looking for a unique diamond shape for your infinity ring, sleek side stones, or a solitaire diamond for a promise ring.

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